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2015-Jul-2 11:17
posted by luckwig
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Wig ancient Egypt to Europe. Ancient Greek and Roman thought bald man is punished by God, the bald regarded as sinners. Thinning hair or balding officer will be refused arrange work for them some Greek territory Executive. The Romans even had intended to make recommendations Through "Baldy Act" prohibits bald man running for the Senate, bald slaves can only be sold at half price.Full lace wigs

and Front lace wigs are so beautiful!

 Baldy had to be protected from discrimination, to wear a wig to cover the defect. Wig further popularized in the Roman Empire, many Europeans have to use fake Hair, even the emperor wearing a wig, enemy soldiers and civilians during the war booty tribute hair often as the court. Some nobles also shaved the slave's hair wigs. The custom of married women to cover my hair, some poor married women to sell their Hair cash. Some poor peasants would put their hair tied back to form braids, long enough to cut the length of the wig market to sell.

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